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DZ-500 Electric external vacuum packaging machine

DZ-500 Electric external vacuum packaging machine

Summary:This series of vacuum packaging machine only needs to press the vacuum cover to automatically comple
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Product description:

This series of vacuum packaging machines only need to press the vacuum cover to automatically complete the process of vacuum pumping, sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust. After packaging, the products are prevented from oxidation, mildew, worminess, dampness and good quality. Keep fresh and prolong the storage period of the product.
a)For all kinds of electronic products (semiconductors, circuit boards, electronic products, etc.) and the vacuum packaging of machine metal parts to prevent moisture, oxidation and discoloration.
b) Used for vacuum packing of fabric and wool products to compress packing volume and save logistics cost.
c) Used in vacuum packaging of seafood, fruit, tea, salted articles, bean products, etc., to prevent oxidation and prolong the shelf life. Or to fill in nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other protective gas to keep fresh and taste. And can resist impact.
2. Features
a) Japan and South Korea leading technology set simple sealing, vacuum and aeration and other functions in one.
b) Only the gas in the bag can be pumped quickly (only 2 ~ 3 seconds)
c) The stainless worktable can adjust the height according to the thickness of the package, and the size of the product is not limited, so this machine is the most suitable for large or irregular items.
d) The sealing pressure is provided by the variable - row cylinder of the large cylinder diameter , the sealing pressure is large , and the phenomenon that the traditional packaging seal is not tightly closed is thoroughly changed .
e) It covers a small area (only 0.5) and can be operated by only one person.
f) There is a simple storage box under which some small items can be stored.
g) The bottom is equipped with casters which can move freely .
h)The control panel adopts a new touch mode button, LCD digital display. The technical parameters of the package are preprogrammed first, and the whole process of vacuum packaging is completed according to the automatic program by simply stepping down the start switch when working.

Technical parameter: 





Vacuum pump motor power (W)


Sealing power (W) 


Vacuum limit (KPa) 


Heat seals 


Heat seals length and width (mm) 


Exhaust volume of vacuum pump (m3/h)


Packing capacity(time/min) 


Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 


Weight (kg) 


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