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QT-8BZD Air adjusting and locking machine packaging machine

QT-8BZD Air adjusting and locking machine packaging machine

Summary:Scope of application: fresh fish, meat, halogen food, bread pastry, baked goods, fresh fruits and ve
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Product description:

The equipment replaces the gas in the packaging container, so that the food in the modified ideal gas environment can be a packaging method to preserve the quality and freshness. Its core is: select the best gas suitable for food to mix (or use a single gas) commonly used gas CO2 N2 O2 three gases, and with appropriate packaging materials. Make food in the process of storage and sales to maintain the maximum fresh taste, and extend the shelf life of food. Applicable range: fresh fish, meat, brine food, bread cakes, baked food, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. This machine uses electricity. Gas, machine control integration, by programmable controller Pl C) with touch screen to achieve man-machine interface dialogue, each part of the action and control parameters can be set and modified by PLC.

Technical parameter:  



Air pressure

0.6~0.8 mpa



Mixed gas

Several gasesN2 O2 CO2


About 950×650×1000mm





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