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BG32-2A Rotary plastic cup filling and sealing machine

BG32-2A Rotary plastic cup filling and sealing machine

Summary:Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other anticorrosive materials comply with the food hygie
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Product description:

1Frame part: high-quality carbon steel welded, also can be made of stainless steel machine, covered with stainless steel, contact with strong bolts on the ground.

2Transmission system: motor, reducer, cam splitter, template, transmission chain and so on.

3Drop cup system: by the rack, slide rail, storage cup bin, push cup cylinder, etc. By the PLC control system, the template stop when the signal synchronization control action completed.

4Filling system: storage cylinder is stainless steel 304 material, cylinder stroke working piston type quantitative filling, non-contact filling, filling quantity can be adjusted freely, quantitative accurate, with liquid level control device.

5Coding system: automatic ribbon code (constant temperature control) adjustable, can quickly replace the word code. Easy to load and unload

6Film calibration system: Photoelectric eye tracking automatically corrects film pattern and cup mouth alignment.

7Capping system: consists of cover bin, rotary cylinder, mechanical arm, sucker, etc.

8Sealing system: adopt constant temperature (intelligent temperature control) hot pressing twice seal, seal orally for copper, aluminum combination, easy to replace. Sealing pressure adjustable.

9Film cutting mechanism: cold punching, cut out cover film belt easy to tear mouth, easy to open.

10Cup out system: slide rail, slider, variable speed motor, mounting bracket.

BG type automatic filling and sealing machine, with chain stepping transmission mechanism. It can work continuously for 24 hours. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other anticorrosion materials conform to the food hygiene law, and the performance is stable. Reliability is the main equipment of ideal beverage production line. This machine can automatically (manual) put cup.

Technical parameter: 




AC 220/50 110/60

Heating sealing power(W)


Sealing speed


Filling accuracy


Temperature range


Cap material


Overall dimension (L×W×H(mm)


Weight (kg)


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