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RF-50E Auto chain type granule packing machine(back sealing&SS)

RF-50E Auto chain type granule packing machine(back sealing&SS)

Summary:It is suitable for packaging of food, jiaozi, jellies, crisps, crisps, hardware fittings, screws and
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Product description:

1: Chinese and English display control system, stainless steel case, just at the display setting unit needed to set parameters (pack bags, etc.), control system will automatically optimize match the actions, so as to achieve the best packing speed.
2: step motor control, the system has high precision, no need to adjust other parts to change the bag length, and accurate. The complete logo design can be obtained when packaging materials with colored labels; The wrapping paper part adopts the self-weight motor pressure paper feed structure, the paper length of the paper is doubled, the bag is flat and good. No grade adjustment speed and bag length: the packaging speed and bag length can be adjusted at the rated range without replacement parts;
3: adopt unique embedded sealing design, enhanced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller, temperature control has good heat balance to adapt to all kinds of packaging materials, sealed performance, low noise, texture clear, strong sealing;
4: rotary hob cutting bag structure: according to user needs, by changing the tool which can realize a glyph cut cut off one glyph joint cutting, decorative pattern, make the cutter in the stable and reliable BuKa when cutting bag bag; Easy to operate.
5. Automatic chain bucket packing machine adopts manual measurement and feeding.
This machine can be transported easily and can be put into different shape materials or packaging of various materials.
USES: suitable for food, jiaozi, jellies, rice, potato chips, hardware fittings, screws and other material packaging.

Technical parameter: 



 Film width


 Bag length


 Bag width


 Packing range


 Packing speed


 Sealing type

 Back sealing

 Film thickness



 220V   50hz



  Detail display 


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