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RF-320P Volumed cup VFFS packing machine

RF-320P Volumed cup VFFS packing machine

Summary:Suitable for automatic packaging of loose, non-sticky, and small particle materials.
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Product Description:

The machine is a large, vertical,pillow shaped bags, intermittent packing machine can automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cut off, the counting process.

Suitable for food, medicine, chemical products in the loose, non adhesive, small granular materials automatic packaging.

1. Adopted with Touch screen and PLC control system,simple operation, stable performance and easy maintenance.

2. Bag length is easy adjustable,suit for different sizes.

3. Volumetric cup dosing system,filling accuracy is good and stable,filling weight is adjustable.

4. Can automatically complete the measurement, filling, counting, date printing and other operations.

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