How Does An Overflow Filler Work?

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verflow filling machines are known for their exceptional accuracy and consistency in filling liquids. They utilize the principle of overflow to ensure precise fill volumes, eliminating the risk of underfills or overfills.


1. Overflow Principle: The machine operates on the principle of overflow, which means that it fills containers to a specific level rather than a specific volume. This is particularly useful for transparent or translucent containers where the aesthetic appeal of a uniform liquid level is important.


2. Filling Nozzle: The machine uses a unique filling nozzle that seals the opening of the container. The product is then released into the container until it reaches the desired fill level.


3. Excess Product Return: Once the desired level is reached, any excess product is "overflowed" back into a reservoir through a secondary port on the filling nozzle. This helps to ensure that each container is filled to the exact level, even if there are slight differences in the internal volume of individual containers.


4. Recirculation: The recirculation of the liquid also helps to reduce product waste and can be beneficial for maintaining the quality of the product, as it minimizes the product's exposure to air.


5. Closed System: The process often involves a closed system, which can be advantageous for products that are sensitive to oxidation or those that need to be protected from contamination.


6. Controlled by Depth: The fill level in the overflow filling machine is determined by the depth of the overflow port within the neck of the container.


7. Suitable for Transparent Containers: This type of filling is particularly suitable for products that are packaged in transparent containers, such as bottled water or window cleaning solutions, where a clean and visually appealing fill level is desired.


8. Automatic Control: Modern overflow filling machines are typically automated and controlled by programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which ensure precise and consistent operation.

The overflow filling method is commonly used for products where the visual presentation of the fill level is as important as the fill volume itself, and it is a reliable method for achieving a consistent appearance across a range of products.If you have questions about our overflow filling machines, service, parts, prices, or locations, get in touch with us today. Our team is ready to help!

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